A pre-wedding experience to create intimate photos that will spark your confidence and lead you into a deeper sense of self-acceptance. 

Designed to celebrate every bit of you and create striking images of your best self while creating the perfect gift for your lover on your wedding day.

that will leave you feeling radiant, embodied, and beautiful in your own skin

South Carolina Bridal Boudoir Photography

Empowering boudoir sessions

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When I first got to the studio, I was nervous at first, but I was immediately put at ease with how friendly and personable the team was. 

During the shoot, I felt phenomenal! Jess made me so comfortable and was hyping me up the whole time. It really felt good to be comfortable in the setting and have fun with it. Afterwards, I felt so dang empowered. I was taking selfies and sending them to my friends telling them they must do this for themselves. 

These photos started off as a gift to my fiance. They will still be a gift, but they're also a gift for me now, too. They make me feel beautiful and empowered and excited to show my significant other. 

This experience helped me see my body in a whole new light."

"I've always loved the idea of a boudoir session to use as a wedding gift! I brought the idea up to my fiance, and he was really into it too.


I'm Jess

I received my first digital camera as a gift at the age of 16 and have been in love with capturing moments we can never get back ever since. Every click of the shutter is a reminder that legacies find their homes in photographs and each and every story is worth capturing.

I am so humbled by the intimate nature of photography I am entrusted to capture and honored to walk you through an affirming boudoir experience that results in gorgeous, empowering photos of your best self.⁠

To date, I have over 10 years of experience photographing boudoir portraits throughout my career as a wedding photographer. In 2021 with a dream of creating an inclusive and empowering space for boudoir photos, I took the leap and opened our private boudoir studio in the heart of Five Points in Columbia, South Carolina.

When I’m not helping you feel comfortable and at ease in front of my lens, you can find me spending time with my partner and fur family, enjoying a coffee or cocktail with friends, or deep into prestige drama on my favorite streaming platforms

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bridal boudoir professionals


I'm Antonia 

I am a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist with nearly a decade of experience in the beauty industry. I love offering a fun, fresh and approachable side to beauty.

Makeup doesn’t have to be intimidating!

My signature style is making my clients feel like the most elevated version of themselves. From subtle and natural to extra glamorous, I love creating a custom look tailored to how you feel most beautiful! From their bridal boudoir experience all the way to their wedding day, I love preparing my clients for their special moments.

For your bridal boudoir experience, we will begin with a thorough consultation to discover the look we'll design together. From there, you get to relax and sip on champagne while I provide you with hairstyling, luxury skin prep, and a full face makeup application with my favorite high end beauty products. Upon completion, I'll seal you in with a waterproof setting spray to ensure your look lasts! I'm an expert at bridal makeup, with dozens of happy brides like yourself in my chair each year.
I can't wait to have you sit in my chair for this curated bridal beauty experience!

Who is Bridal 

Boudoir For?

Every soon-to-be married body is welcome in our boudoir studio, and these photos are meant to be a celebration of you and the body in which your soul resides. 

This experience is crafted to empower you and ignite your confidence while creating a gift your partner will never forget. 

Boudoir For?

in the Studio

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best of 2022








best friends





I was so nervous before because I’ve never done anything like this, but during the session, I really just relaxed and had a ton of fun.

I had a great experience, starting with feeling pampered with Antonia, and then getting to pick out my perfect outfits. I was shocked at how quickly I felt so comfortable with Jess in the studio and didn’t imagine I would have so much fun!

It was a very empowering experience unlike anything I’ve done before! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to go and celebrate themselves and leave feeling confident in their own skin!

After the session, I just feel more confident and comfortable in my skin and love how that shows through my pictures!”

“I wanted to do a special “paper” anniversary for our first wedding anniversary, and I finally decided to take the chance and book! 

& Rewarding

Healing, Empowering,

An Experience You’ll Never Forget

We are here to walk you through every step of this journey from selecting your intimate outfits, ensuring you have expert bridal beauty services, posing during your session so you look and feel your best, designing the perfect album to gift to your partner, answering any questions you have throughout the process, and everywhere else in between.

This experience is designed to help lead you into a more confident and elevated version of yourself while creating empowering images you and your partner will treasure for a lifetime.

This luxury boudoir experience is an investment in you and your partnership. An opportunity to honor who you are right now as you prepare for your wedding day. 

You deserve it, and we know your partner’s going to love it, too!

1. Booking

We’ll get to know each other over the phone and chat about all the details. On that call we’ll schedule your selected session date, process your chosen collection’s invoice and begin your selected payment plan. I’ll secure your professional beauty services with your session fee and save your date on our studio’s calendar. 

2. The Day of Your Shoot

You’ll arrive at our private studio in Columbia, SC for expert bridal beauty services and pampering! Then we’ll spend about 1 to 1.5 hours shooting together with up to 3 to 4 outfits. Jess will create a safe, comfortable environment that helps you feel empowered, validated, and seen. With access to our bridal boudoir closet during your session, you’ll have options to wear curated bridal-style lingerie for your boudoir photos to gift to your partner on your wedding day.

3. Reveal & Order

3 weeks after your shoot, we will schedule a virtual reveal of your photos. You’ll choose your favorite photos for your collection’s printed images and have the opportunity to order additional products. We offer beautiful prints of your images and professionally designed lay-flat luxury albums to gift to your lover. From there, I’ll order your products and have them shipped straight to you. You can expect your collection’s printed products ready for you 5 weeks after your session, so plan accordingly for your upcoming wedding date to ensure your products are ready for you to celebrate with.



While digital packages of your boudoir photos are available for purchase, I believe there’s something to be said about the timeless nature of printed photographs. Your beauty doesn’t deserve to sit on a computer or hard drive forever, it deserves to be printed and seen.

Our luxury lay-flat albums provide a ‘wow’ factor to your gift on your wedding day for your future spouse better than any digital file ever could. 

We believe the joy and giddiness of this moment in your journey deserves to be captured in photographs, and we know that the love of your life will cherish this gift for years to come.


Our private studio experience is designed to make you feel safe, seen, and affirmed. We curated a space that is extremely versatile, allowing us to create a variety of images of you at your best. 

We’ve also curated a bridal lingerie closet specifically for this wedding boudoir experience to ensure you are wearing the most flattering garments that speak to this moment in your life. We have outfits from size 4x-S, multiple styles of veils, and other wedding-specific attire for you to access and wow your lover in. 

You’ll have access to private bathrooms, private changing rooms, accessible beauty chairs for every body type, and a variety of refreshments during your time in the studio. 

The Studio

& Closet 



You’ll starts your investment into this bridal boudoir experience with a session fee that covers Antonia’s expert bridal beauty services prior to your session, access to our bridal boudoir closet with inclusive sizing, your time in the studio being photographed, and a private reveal and ordering session after your photos are processed and ready to be seen.

From there, you get to choose how you would like to receive your photographs from this experience! 

Once you select the curated collections of printed products we offer you’ll be able to choose the payment structure that fits you best. From 2 to 12 total payments, each collection is designed to celebrate you and make our boudoir experience accessible with any budget. 

Most of our clients spend on average anywhere from $1200-$1500 on their boudoir photo experience including their session fee and the luxury printed products they choose.

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Flexible Payment Plans for Every Budget

Base Session Fee: $500

90 minutes of photography 
Professional beauty services
Boudoir lingerie closet
Private studio provided 
Private reveal session post-photos for ordering & selection

Choose any of the following to create your package.

Base session fee only includes photography experience, hair and make-up, and private reveal session.

 All products, prints, and print boxes are purchased separately and are required add-ons to your experience.

Payments can be split up into 2 to 12 monthly installments.

Create your

dream experience

base session fee includes:

Book Your session date

inquire with Jessica

base session fee includes:

90 minutes of photography 
Professional beauty services
Boudoir lingerie closet
Private studio provided 
Private reveal session post-photos for ordering & selection

Your Total: $500

Choose any of the following to add to your package

Base session fee only includes photography experience, hair and make-up, and private reveal session.

 All products, prints, and print boxes are purchased separately and are add-ons to your experience.

Payments can be split up into 2 to 12 monthly installments.

+ add Acrylic Print for display

16X24 print.


+ ADD Luxury Print in Black Frame

12x12 print in 20x20 frame.



Glass box with 50 printed photos inside. Includes digital web-size gallery match (50 digital photos).




Full high-res digital gallery of 75-100 images.

Create your

dream experience

+ add Lay-Flat Luxury Album 

10X10 album with 20-25 client chosen images on average. Includes digital web-size gallery match (20-25 digital photos).


+ add Collection 1

12x9 Lay-Flat Luxury Album, 16x24 Acrylic Print for display, and  
Full Digital Gallery of All Images.


+ add collection 2 

10x10 Lay-Flat Luxury Album and 8x12 Acrylic Print for display.


"I was definitely a tad nervous before the session, but excited.

Jessica made me feel so comfortable and confident during the shoot though, and I left feeling empowered!"


"Working with Jess was one of best things that I ever have done.

She was so kind and so uplifting and supporting. Never had seen myself in that way, so it was such a positive experience for me to see these photos for myself."

Anon Client

"I felt beautiful the entire time and very comfortable working with Jessica.

The entire experience (with hair, makeup, and photography) makes you feel glamorous, elegant and confident."

Anon Client 

Every bit of You

is Welcome Here

Your body is worth celebrating.    All of it. 

You are worth celebrating.     All of you. 

These photos are a celebration of you, the body in which your soul resides, and this momentous time in your life. We are here to make sure you feel totally safe and comfortable throughout the entire process while creating evocative, empowering photos of you.

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